Too cute not to post!

Tonight was the Blue & Gold Banquet for my son, Kyle’s cub scout pack. We had a cake auction in which each scout (and parent) made a cake, announced the cake at the banquet, and then they auctioned it off to the highest bidder. It was the most expensive cake I ever bought, but Kyle was ecstatic that we were able to bring Emmet home with us. Here’s a pic of the cake:

photo 3

Our cake description was this: Our cake is AWESOME! It is a yellow cake with buttercream frosting. We used an electric mixer and no injuries were sustained. Kyle had to ask about the word injuries, but he was so great up there, really selling his cake (to his family). :D

Mario Mural


I talked about painting a mural in my boys’ room for about 9 months, and since they were at their dad’s house for a whole week over Christmas break, I decided to make this one of their Christmas gifts.

My boys, 11 and 7, love their video games, as do I. I’ve been a true gamer ever since 1983, when we got our first Apple IIc computer and I developed a hard-core addiction to Moon Patrol. While most parents are griping about their kids spending too much time on video games, I encourage them to try a wide variety of games, ranging from old-school console games to MMORPG like my personal favorite, Final Fantasy XI and World of Warcraft. I encourage other things too, like getting outside and riding their bikes, but I don’t mind them playing their games, and I certainly do not think that they are developing a warped sense of reality by escaping to a fantasy video game world. Anyway, I was very fond of Mario games when I was young, heading up the road to Carla’s house, where they had a Nintendo and all the Super Mario Bros. games that were out at the time. When the wii came out and the boys got the new Mario games, I was giddy about it!

So my project started out in Walmart, where I had them mix up a very sky blue and a very grass green for me–colors that one might think too bright for a room, but turned out to be just perfect for a Mario wall mural! I then spent a half an hour on Photoshop, where I took images I’d collected of key parts in the Mario games, and put them together in a montage of sorts, planning for where their TV and computer desks went. I saved those images and took my tablet in with me when I began to sketch out the basic characters. I am very fortunate to be able to draw something in gi-gundo scale when I have a reference photo. My brain is pretty analytical like that. So I drew the mural and then got out my 50-cent acrylic craft paints and my little kid paintbrushes to start painting. On hindsight, I probably could have used bigger brushes. Anyway, I painted for about 18 hours the first day, and about 5 hours the second day. In the end, this is what I had created!

Mario Room

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Now that I have joined up with to sell my scrapbook designs, I have the opportunity to check out their digital scrapping software and so far, I love it! If you are looking for something inexpensive with a multitude of options, you should definitely check out My Memories Suite v4. If you use my special code, STMMMS33737, you can get $10 off the purchase price. My Memories Suite will work with the digital .pngs and .jpgs that you already have, and there are many more that already come with the software. Then, when you need something specific, or if you just love my latest kit, you can pick them up here or at There are even thousands of premade templates available if you just want to add your photos and go!

Use my code STMMMS33737 to get your discount!

Use my code STMMMS33737 to get your discount!

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I just love this cute little layout, so I thought I’d post it up here today. The graphics are a part of Nicole Young’s Fabrication Page Kit.

I’ve been away from the boys for the majority of about 4 days, and today I came home from work to find that they have grown right up while I was gone. Kyle is learning to ride his big kid bike, and Andrew is excited to tell me about his trip over to visit the middle school. Where has half my life gone?! I am too young to have boys this grown up! I don’t have much more to say besides that. I am happy that spring has brought us longer daylight hours, because it means they can actually go outside and play, and once in a while, I can go out too. Not much else to say tonight, so nanu nanu. :)

Muppet Party!


A month ago (HOLY COW–where did April go?!) I had a party for Kyle’s 7th birthday. It was Muppet-themed and I scoured the internet (ok, Pinterest) for cute ideas to go with our Muppet theme. I found a ton of cool things from and the directions for making this wonderful Kermit pinata from Alicia Policia‘s blog. I followed the directions mostly to the letter, except I made the sides and back flatter than she did on hers. It took me about 25 hours to do this from start to finish, but I love, love, LOVE how it came out, and it can be used again and again! Here is a page I scrapped one evening for my favorite one-hour Speed Scrap at DSP. I just adore these photos, and the party really was spectacular (even if only one kid from Kyle’s class came–he was perfect guest and there were lots of family there to party it up and appreciate my efforts).