An “about me”

Separating personal from business blogging is probably a wise choice, but a nice “About Me” post isn’t going to kill anybody.

  • WHO

I’m kind of spread out all over right now, and I have a lot of identities.  I’m Mom to two wonderful boys, Honey to a wonderful boyfriend, Ms. Haigh to thousands of  kids whom I’ve taught in school and just plain Heather to all other friends and family members (and enemies too, I suppose).

  • WHAT

By day, I’m an elementary school music teacher.  I love what I do, and I love the young children I teach.  By evening, I am a mommy and the head of my household.  In my own free time (free time and Mother do not always go hand in hand, but go with me here) I like to do many things.  I play the trumpet when I have an occasion to do so.  I scrapbook with my girlfriends whenever we can get the chance.  I play online games (sometimes ridiculously addictive ones like solitaire or bejeweled, but mostly hard-core MMOs with a group of close friends) at night when the kids go to bed.  On the weekends, I usually travel a few hours to go spend the weekend with my boyfriend where he lives, unless he is coming to see me, or I have other plans.  When I do stay home for the weekend, it’s to scrapbook, or run with my running club or attend a cub scout activity with my son.  Now, on top of it all, I am a proud business owner, too.


I live in NJ for the next four months.  I have been there for ten years–WOW, it’s been that long?!  I have been trying to move back to Pennsylvania ever since.  Nothing against New Jersey.  Wait, who am I kidding? I hate it there.  Traffic is bad, taxes are outrageous and the cost of living doesn’t help matters either.  But aside from all that, I’ve met two of my best friends there and my job is terrific.  Anyway, I finally decided that I need to make the move back to PA, and the sooner, the better.  So I’ll do it now, while the education system is falling apart and the opportunity to move is there.  I am excited to be moving in with my boyfriend of almost 3 years, and shaving 2+ hours off of the drive to see my nearest family members.

  • WHEN

When, what?  When was I born?  That will do.  I am almost 35 years old.  I look around me and see that my kids are getting so grown up and I still don’t have my stuff together.  Josh tells me that everybody feels that way, but as a woman who has had the same decent job for 9 years (minus those maternity leaves…) I feel like I ought to have it together better than I do.  I ought to own a house.  I ought to have a huge savings account and a good stock portfolio.  I ought to be able to find a new teaching job without any worries of being able to get an interview.  I should have gone into some other field with better prospects.  I should have taken more college courses.  I should have done so many things differently.  Well, in the WHEN category, I am going to just say that it is not too late!  I am almost 35 years old, and if I’m lucky, I have more than half of my life left to do those things.


“I am what I am.  I am my own special creation.  So, come take a look–give me the hook or the ovation.  It’s my world that I want to have a little pride in, MY WORLD and it’s not a place I have to hide in.  Life’s not worth a damn, ’til you can say, ‘Hey World, I am what I am!'”

I’ve been living this crazy life of always driving hours and hours to go see the people I love (mostly on the weekends when I don’t have my two little loves with me).  I was at the end of my rope, ready to call it quits with the man I’ve been with for a few years because I was just tired of the exhaustion brought about by all that driving.  With no job opportunities in his area, and little financial survival opportunities for a single mom in mine, there was no end in sight.  After years of applying for the few available openings, and having interviews, only to be told that the position has been filled by another candidate, I knew it was time to make a choice one way or the other.  Stay in NJ and live there with my boys, alone and unhappy, but with a (potentially, in the education situation at present) secure job, or uproot one last time and go live the dream, taking a huge career risk.  I was at this point at Christmas time when I went shopping and found a little candle holder that says (and it’s ugly as anything, but the saying is what got me) “Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”  I bought the unsightly little thing and decided it was risk-taking time.



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