Birthday Boy is 5!

First of all, my baby turned 5 back in March. I am the luckiest lady, because I have two of the most kind and compassionate boys of all time. They are great sons and grandsons and they are the best of friends as brothers go. Anyway, he turned 5, and with all that was going on, we had his birthday party (drum roll, please) AT SCHOOL! Yes, I decorated the white board with Ellison die cuts and wrote his name on it. I made a Luigi cake (cool cakes with homemade butter cream are my claim to fame around birthday times) and brought it in to school. We invited my best friend and her family and my other great school friends and we all celebrated. I’m the music teacher, so he got an official music teacher piano-plunking out the chords to the tune and everything! Woo hoo! He opened his gifts–one was a whoopie cushion, a prank he LOVES to play on people even still. And then we all cleaned up and went our separate ways.

Ok, so it sounds a little lame, but I honestly think we all had a good time! I was tickled pink that all the teacher friends came in, and I think he was too!


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