What Happens at the Crop…

Finally, today, I went scrapbooking with my girls at the Burlington Center Mall, and let me say that it was not the most productive session I’ve ever had, but I love those ladies. I really do have some wonderful and amazing friends in this life. Something about the social interaction of the scrapbooking crop is so appealing to me. We people-watch and eavesdrop on conversations (not to be judgmental, but for the sheer comic value of the things you hear, when taken out of context) and catch up on gossip and talk about our families and share stories, many of which are utterly personal. It’s a bonding moment and something that we should all have at some point because it just feels good.

I made ONE page (count ’em–ONE) for my own books, but my main project was an 8″x8″ album for my dear friend Amy, who just had a darling little girl, whom I have not yet met in person. I think I completed 7 pages or so, a good start at least. I’d like to give it to her tomorrow when I go there to visit. I think I’ll miss her and my bestie Ariane most of all when I finally do leave here. I’m almost crying at the mere thought! I do love them like sisters, I don’t know why I keep saying I don’t have any family here. At any rate, I suppose that was productivity enough. I hope she likes it. I keep trying to recruit her into my scrapbooking clique, but she’s been a tough sell. Maybe now, with a new baby, she will see the light…


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