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Technique #1: Inked edges

Inked edges

Here I have inked around the edges of the photo mats and around the whole page. Notice the subtle, but effective difference between the two. Inking can really make things stand out, or “POP” off the page.


Not Inked

Not Inked

This photo is of the layout I just put together, and it is not inked around the edges.

Traditional Scrapbooking techniques

The following techniques are in no particular order. I will list them as they come to me, hopefully starting with some basic ones and moving on to more difficult/time consuming ones as I go.

1.) Inking

Possibly one of the easiest ways to really add that little extra to your layout, inking can be your best friend. I know people who ink EVERYTHING, and their pages just have a flair to them. It makes a huge difference, whether you ink a lot, or just add the minimum edge to your papers. Here is an example of a page that is not inked, then inked, so you can see the difference.

Things you don’t know you don’t know…

Good morning, scrap-happy people! I was just in the shower (where I tend to do my best thinking) and I figured out what I’m going to blog about today. I have so many things I could choose, but I have been trying hard to stick with fewer goals at one time and get more of them accomplished.

So today’s blog entry provokes some interesting thought. Way back before I had my kids, before I started scrapping, and before dirt, my ex-husband and I were employed by WalMart Stores, Inc. as assistant store managers. As such, we had to attend various leadership seminars and classes, and we had a really interesting tour of the aspects of running a multi-million dollar unit during our training program.

Buddy was a natural. His stores appear to run themselves and I don’t know how he does it, because I’m a total rules-girl and I felt like I had to pull teeth to get people to do what I needed them to do. But he could pull anything off in any amount of time–just retail management material. Anyway–after I left the company to pursue my dreams of being a music teacher, he went on to follow in the footsteps of one of his supervisors at some leadership training forum. It cost what I thought was a pretty penny back in those days, but I was up to my eyeballs in credit card debt, so things were especially tight.

I don’t remember the name of the program. It was one of those things where you go to a hotel banquet room and some dude speaks and gives you all this motivation and then you have to go get more people to sign up and pay this fee to come hear the same spiel. I thought, “What a racket,” at the time. But little did I know that one line he brought back from that place would stick with me 10 years, two kids, one marriage and one divorce later. He came home to me and said this:

There are three things you need to be aware of:
#1 You know what you know.
#2 You know what you DON’T know.
#3 You DON’T know what you don’t know.

He told me that #s 1 and 2 were easy, but that #3 was the trick. You should always strive to overcome #3.

Aaaaaand that’s where I am today. This morning, I made a list for myself, “Tutorials I need to find for PSE”. It’s a list of the general scrapbook techniques I would like to learn on Photoshop Elements to help in my digital business endeavor! Today I am going to publish that list. You never know, maybe that will drive me to learn them faster, if everybody else can see my goals.

Then, as I was thinking about this list, I wondered where I can find a compilation of techniques for both digital and traditional scrapping, and because I’ve looked for such a thing before and not really found what I’m looking for, I thought I’d post one myself. It will be a work in progress because I can’t possibly find them all RIGHT NOW. I will start off with a small list and expand it as I can get around to new ones. Once I find the right blogs and sites to research and teachers, hopefully I will be able to keep abreast of new techniques–that is, once I’ve logged the old favorites. Because, I don’t know what I don’t know and that’s exactly what I am going to strive to find out. Thanks for reading! List coming soon!!

Scrap 4 Hire

I joined another great community for DIGITAL Scrapping, called and so far it’s incredible.  Their forums have exactly the information I am looking for.  I learned the term for the type of business I have created and that is Scrap for Hire, or S4H for short.  I’m excited that people are successful at it, and I can be too!  I met a few people in an online chat session, that was supposed to feature a designer, but she’s from the UK and somehow our lines got crossed.  I learned all about CT (or Creative Teams) which are people who take a specific designer’s work and use it to create pages that can be used in advertising that person’s work.  I learned all kinds of stuff!  I might give it a whirl, follow a couple of designers, see if I can join their CTs and maybe even get some followers along the way!  I also started some PSE tutorials last night which are helping me get better at scrapping using PSE, since I plan on designing using PSE.

Not much to say right now, because there is too much out there to learn!  Talk to you again tomorrow, or later, possibly about Gliftex!


As my 5yo would say, “Peace.”


Where to Begin

I’m not sure where to start at this point. I’m learning tons of new techniques, using SCAL and Photoshop Elements to create some of my own designs and learning how to publish everything on the web all at the same time. I think it’s time I just started posting and choose one thing to concentrate on at a time.

I have to tell you about challenges. I might be years behind everybody else, but challenges are something I never dreamed of until August of this year. If it’s new to me, it might be new to some of you too. There are sites out there dedicated to providing followers with scrapbook/card-making/other craft challenges on a regular basis. A challenge is where I give you a list of how I want you to make a page or card and you take what you have and make it fit my criteria. I might say, “Create a layout that features stitching on the page,” or “Make a page using only black and white photos” or something of the like, and your assignment, if you will, would be to complete this challenge using your materials. Some challenges are very specific and have strict rules and others are more flexible.

I have found that using challenges helps me achieve a goal a little easier. If I know I want to complete one challenge today, I know I will work to get that done. Otherwise, I tend to flounder. So I’ve created a challenge for myself. I challenge myself to submit a new blog post every week (or more often) featuring a page that I’ve created, whether it be older or more recent. So today’s post is a challenge I completed just this morning for my Scrappy Patch group. It was a sketch challenge (one of my favorite kinds!) and it came from Got Sketch? I don’t pick the challenges there, we have site owners who take care of that. I still need to look up all the protocols for blog posting other peoples’ stuff, so for now, Got Sketch? is all the info I have for you!