Where to Begin

I’m not sure where to start at this point. I’m learning tons of new techniques, using SCAL and Photoshop Elements to create some of my own designs and learning how to publish everything on the web all at the same time. I think it’s time I just started posting and choose one thing to concentrate on at a time.

I have to tell you about challenges. I might be years behind everybody else, but challenges are something I never dreamed of until August of this year. If it’s new to me, it might be new to some of you too. There are sites out there dedicated to providing followers with scrapbook/card-making/other craft challenges on a regular basis. A challenge is where I give you a list of how I want you to make a page or card and you take what you have and make it fit my criteria. I might say, “Create a layout that features stitching on the page,” or “Make a page using only black and white photos” or something of the like, and your assignment, if you will, would be to complete this challenge using your materials. Some challenges are very specific and have strict rules and others are more flexible.

I have found that using challenges helps me achieve a goal a little easier. If I know I want to complete one challenge today, I know I will work to get that done. Otherwise, I tend to flounder. So I’ve created a challenge for myself. I challenge myself to submit a new blog post every week (or more often) featuring a page that I’ve created, whether it be older or more recent. So today’s post is a challenge I completed just this morning for my Scrappy Patch group. It was a sketch challenge (one of my favorite kinds!) and it came from Got Sketch? I don’t pick the challenges there, we have site owners who take care of that. I still need to look up all the protocols for blog posting other peoples’ stuff, so for now, Got Sketch? is all the info I have for you!


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