Scrap 4 Hire

I joined another great community for DIGITAL Scrapping, called and so far it’s incredible.  Their forums have exactly the information I am looking for.  I learned the term for the type of business I have created and that is Scrap for Hire, or S4H for short.  I’m excited that people are successful at it, and I can be too!  I met a few people in an online chat session, that was supposed to feature a designer, but she’s from the UK and somehow our lines got crossed.  I learned all about CT (or Creative Teams) which are people who take a specific designer’s work and use it to create pages that can be used in advertising that person’s work.  I learned all kinds of stuff!  I might give it a whirl, follow a couple of designers, see if I can join their CTs and maybe even get some followers along the way!  I also started some PSE tutorials last night which are helping me get better at scrapping using PSE, since I plan on designing using PSE.

Not much to say right now, because there is too much out there to learn!  Talk to you again tomorrow, or later, possibly about Gliftex!


As my 5yo would say, “Peace.”



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