What have I been up to?


I have to give bloggers a lot of credit.  It is HARD to keep up with a blog and have a life outside the blogosphere too!  I’ve been crazy busy, like the rest of you I’m sure, this time of year.  Many gifts are handmade from me this year, as I’ve been at home since September and money isn’t growing on that tree in the back yard.  Hmph.  So I thought I’d post a little bit of what I’ve been up to instead of scrappy stuff.

I’ve been crocheting.  Crocheting in all my spare time.  In fact, I’ve done ONE scrapbook page since Thanksgiving.  My current project is a scarf/hat set for my sister for Christmas.  Its pattern is called the Sushi Roll Scarf, although I’ve seen it so many different places, I’m not sure who to credit with it.  Along with the roll of sushi, I have a shrimp cocktail hat in the works as well, pictures to follow sometime after it’s actually finished.  The scarf is really cute though, and I’m going to try and adapt it to another pattern as well, and see how that goes.  So far, so good.



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