Happy New Year!

I resolved to do a few things in this new year:

#1.  Let my boys be boys a little more often.   Too many times I find myself trying to put a stop to every little thing they do because it’s too rough, or it’s too crass, or it’s too noisy–but I’ve come to realize that they ARE boys, and some of that is to be expected.  I am lucky because they are fairly good-mannered (and learning every day) and for a 5 and a 9-year-old they make pretty good moral decisions too.  I’ve got to lighten up.  I guess it’s all those years of playing good cop, bad cop with their dad.  I just don’t know how to look the other way when they are wrestling on the living room floor or attempting flips on the trampoline.  I’ll get there.

#2.  Reach out to a friend/family member at least once a week just to say hello.  This week, it may be a number of people, but I am going to write to my dad’s cousin, who thoughtfully sent me a photo of my family when I was about 12.  It was totally unexpected, and so nice that she thought of me, even though I haven’t kept in touch for like 20 years.  Facebook is a wonderful thing, because I found her daughter on there, and keep tabs a little bit that way.

#3.  I resolve to make a list of small goals every work day (that’s whatever 5 days a week I sit down to work on the digital scrapbook business) and accomplish something business related, no matter how small.  This school year has flown by too fast and I need to manage my time a little better in 2012.  But now that I realize this, it should be easy, right?  Today’s goals have been to complete a challenge from my Scrappy Patch challenge group and blog for the new year.  So far, so good.  I think tomorrow I am going to work hard on using templates in PSE, and choose a digital scrapbook class from the list I got as a Christmas present.


Here is my challenge submission:


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