Technique #2: Using non-traditional items on your page

Made a LO last night of the Sushi Scarf (which was a big hit on Christmas Eve) and I’m working on another as we speak, but I thought in keeping up with the blog, I’d like to post a pic of last night’s LO and talk about another technique.  Well, I don’t know if it is really a “technique” but it’s something I like to do to make my pages different and dimensional.

In this layout, I used items found outside the scrap toolbox–in this case, chopsticks and yarn.  I like to use themed items to give my pages a little flair sometimes, and you can see how it really adds to this page:  Image

I could have left out the chopsticks and just used paper ones (that would have been so easy to cut out!) but I really felt as though they added another dimension to my project.  It gives my audience something to relate to.  They may not be able to relate to a sushi scarf, but the real chopsticks–now THAT is something we have all seen/attempted before.

I also could have done something else other than the chain stitches I put on the woven mat, but I like the tactile nature of having actual crochet on my page.

The challenge that this came from was to use paper strips as part of my background or photo mat, so I wove them into the mat at the bottom-right corner, and cut some up into chopsticks as well.  I was also supposed to add some brads or buttons and bling it up a little with some glitter.  I adorned my chopsticks with some coordinating glitter and used two orange glitter (pumpkins upside down) brads on the mat.

All in all, I love this layout.  I will be doing a second page about the Shrimp Cocktail Hat I made to go along with it, so stay tuned.

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