Scrappy business as usual

I spent my scrappy portion of the day doing other things besides scrapping today.  I am organizing a scrapbook crop (my first one) fundraiser for Josh’s church committee and it’s coming right up on January 21.  I am currently working on matching papers for the goodie bags I am making for each cropper.  I had hoped by now to sell out tickets, but we are at about a third of our capacity.  Still, we have enough people to make it a really nice day, and I hope it goes well enough that we can do it again soon.

My goodie bags are going to each be themed, and I hope to make extra to be sold at a fairly cheap price to the croppers if they are interested in more than one.  Each 2gal. ziploc bag contains a 12″x12″ sheet and a coordinating 8″x8″ paper, a ribbon/fiber to go with it, some doo-dads and a little plastic case to hold the doo-dads in.  I haven’t done this before, but they should be fine since, well, I make a pretty nice scrapbook page (if I do say so myself).

I have been working on some more challenge layouts, such as this color challenge (black, white, silver only):  I love the Scrappy Patch!


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