Technique #3-Don’t be afraid to go a little digital

This post may be a little more advanced than a basic technique, but like I said before, none of these are in any particular order.  Some day when I write enough posts, I’ll try organizing them in a different way and I’ll write a book.  Until then, you all get whatever it is that inspires me today!

I love digital scrapbooking.  You can create anything you want on your page in a matter of minutes if you have internet and some kind of editing program.  The best part is, you can do it all free if you like, as long as you follow terms of use agreements!  Hybrid scrapbooking is a combination of digital/paper elements and can be very useful if you have a themed page and you just can’t find the perfect embellishment.

For this page, I was challenged to scraplift (it’s allowed, and really a GREAT way to spruce up your albums) from a page that had a clock on it.  I wanted a clock, and didn’t have one, so I scoured the internet for an image of a clock face that I could use on my page.  Google image is a wonderful thing, friends.  Instead of just an image, I found an idea.  I saw a gorgeous subway-art style clock on a website called Attempting Aloha and she gave a downloadable image that I could customize with my own words.  “Subway Art” is a term they give to those pieces of art we are seeing everywhere that are made up of just words.  The words are in different fonts and placed all over/in various directions much like graffiti.  I could stand to do a little more research on this topic, but that is basically the deal.

So I took her clock image and opened it up in Photoshop Elements 9, and got to work, choosing fonts and placing words where I wanted them, resizing them where necessary.  I then printed it out on our laser printer and glued it to some cardstock before putting it on my layout.  As you can guess, this layout took me a rather long while to complete, but when you end up with a work of art, it is worth that extra time, I promise!



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