Another scrappy word of advice–Do what works for YOU

I’ve been to many crops where I meet other scrapbookers and I have been asked several times, “How do you organize your scrapbooks?”  My answer to them, “I don’t, really.”

Don’t organize?!  WHAT?!!?!   Yep, I don’t organize them in any manner.  I don’t scrap chronologically, and I don’t scrap for one child or another at any given time.  I scrap what inspires me.  Sometimes I am met with looks of amazement, other times I feel like I’ve just been judged.  I used to tell myself I need to change and I need to get more organized, like those ladies I see who take out all the materials for a layout ahead of time, down to cutting the photo mats and everything and placing them in a bag, so they can go to the crop and put them all together and complete 40 pages in a day.  I have decided over the years that that is just not the way I operate, and the times that I have tried to do it, I have wound up frustrated and feeling mentally and creatively blocked.

Another thing to think about is your scrap area.  Is it clean?  Is it a mess?  Mine is usually a mess while I am working, although I’m making baby steps toward organizing the scrap space in my home to avoid having piles (especially for the times when I’m NOT scrapping and I see that, somehow, another hurricane blew through my room).  I like having everything at my disposal and being able to choose from an assortment.  In fact, if I don’t see it, many times I forget something is even there!  Much the same way I like looking through my albums and being reminded of the day I scrapped that group of pages.  I like that Andrew will have pictures of Kyle and Kyle will have pictures of Andrew in their books.  It just fits me.

I make my mess, do a page, clean up my mess and start over several times a day–and maybe it is even more time consuming that way, but it works for me.  I like to be clean in between projects/sessions, but if you come in in the middle of a project, you won’t see neat and tidy, for sure.  I’m more of a blitz scrapper/blitz cleaner, I suppose!

Long story short:  Be who you are.  Don’t worry too much if you don’t do something the same way everybody else seems to do it.  You’ll hinder your creativity and your satisfaction with your work if you are uncomfortable doing it.  After all that, I think I’ve been inspired to do some cleaning up around here!


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