Two products I just got for Christmas that I can’t believe I ever lived without

For Christmas, I made a very specific list of things I wanted.  With me not working a full-time job with a paycheck, money was tight, and I made my list out of things I needed in my scrapbook stash (like adhesive refills, etc.).  Two things on my list were the Uni-ball Signo White pen and the Paper Pizazz Easy Stitches template.  Boy, was I missing out all this time.  I had heard of the glory of these two products before, but never did I realize just how wonderful they would be!

The Uni-ball pen rolls out smooth as butter, dries fairly quickly and really does a great job of sprucing up your page.  A good white pen is so hard to find.  This pen was recommended to me by a scrapping friend who swore by

it and I later saw it recommended in one of the leading scrapbooking magazines (wish I could remember which off the top of my head) and I thought, “Oh no, by the time I get one, everybody will have gone out and snatched them up!”  It’s a priceless addition to my collection now, and I–the woman who saves EVERYTHING–promptly tossed every other white pen I owned straight into the circular file under my desk the minute I used this one.  Buy one, and you will not be disappointed!

Second on the list was the Paper Pizazz Easy Stitches template.  This baby has all the basic stitches you might think to use on a layout, plus some I’ve never even had to use on my sewing machine before.  The openings on the template are large enough to put my favorite white pen into without being too large.  The plastic material it is made out of is sturdy and doesn’t fold up when you try to trace around a point, so your stitches come out evenly and looking perfect.  I wish I could SEW that neatly!  The only thing I wish it had was a shorter straight stitch.  I tend to sew closer together and with a shorter stitch, BUT with the way these stitches come out, I will take it.

Here’s a layout I did using both products for the first time:


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