I got my 1000th “Word of the Year” blog newsletter this morning, and rolled my eyes for the 1000th time.  But somewhere, mid-roll, the stars aligned and I stopped and thought about why I was so annoyed that everybody seems to be doing the same thing all of a sudden.   When I really read the post (it came from Ro of I came to a startling realization that maybe all these years I’ve been avoiding the bandwagon to make a point and missing out on some really cool ideas.  Hmph.  I hate it when I’m wrong.  So I have been thinking all day, and in the interest of posting this before January 10th is over, I am going to go ahead and pick a “word of the year”.  I’m going to pick it, and then I’m going to own it!

…And my word is (drumroll, please):


Enterprising is my word of the year.  I think it fits best the goals I have for my professional life, and leaves room for me to get over being a non-conformist (SIMPLY for the sake of non-conforming).  I do not mean to say that I am going to become a full-time follower, but I am going to make a concerted effort this year to give good ideas a fair shot.  I won’t dismiss them simply because “everybody else” is embracing them.  I may be a week late, but give me a break, I’m new at this.  🙂   Now, with less than two minutes to spare, I present you with this post.



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