Shrimp Cocktail Hat

I haven’t scrapped the page yet, but I did promise a post about the soon-to-be-famous Shrimp Cocktail Hat that I made my sister for Christmas this year.  This hat–a combination of stitches I use regularly and patterns from the internet and my own imagination–is the epitome of super-cool hats everywhere, LOL!  At a later time, I’ll post the pattern, when I get around to writing it all down.

There’s a story behind why I made this hat and the sushi scarf for my sister, Ashley.  One day, our community band was riding in the charter bus down the highway, when we spotted a billboard with what we thought was the funniest advertisement EVER.  It was for a Japanese restaurant, and it showed a picture of a Japanese man with his mouth open, waiting to catch the flying shrimp.  The funny part about it was, he looked absolutely horrified!  My two sisters and I caught sight of it, looked at each other, and must have all had the same thought because we all burst out laughing.  From that time forward, the flying shrimp face has become a tradition at family gatherings.

This Christmas, as I struggled to figure out what to get the girl who spends most waking moments out DOING things, rather than USING things, the idea came to me in pieces.  I saw the sushi scarf, and started to make one for another gift, and quickly realized how I could get a theme going and give Ashley the Gift of the Flying Shrimp.  I bought her a gift card to the local hibachi restaurant (she and her 10-year-old daughter have never been to one before!) and finished the sushi scarf, and then I went online looking for something shrimp-esque.  I found a pattern for these cat toys on a google search for shrimp stitch, and set about for a way to put them on the top of a hat, shrimp cocktail style.  Behold what I came up with:Shrimp Cocktail Hat


One thought on “Shrimp Cocktail Hat

  1. Got such a kick out of this hat and the scarf Great job Love the Hat and its colors and I would like you to know that it made me hungry. LOL also What a great article about Joe and terrific challenge. What an impact he had on so many.

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