Technique #5: (Hidden) Journaling

I think it’s time to get back on the horse and write a post today.  I had a lovely weekend scrapping with my girls and finishing up the 50-mile Batona Trail, and I’m home and ready to work again.  I looked through the pages I created this weekend and found one I’d like to share with you.  This page came from a card-making sketch challenge, actually, but since I don’t really give cards too often, I decided to use the whole card idea as a way to create some hidden journaling.  The first time I put a card on a layout was a month ago, when I messed up the rules of the challenge by not creating a layout from a card, as directed.  So I just slapped the card on a piece of patterned paper, and put on a title with sticker letters and that was that.  It was a joke about my own inability to stick to the rules when scrapping, but it came out looking pretty cool.  This time, I wanted to follow the card sketch, but I thought, “Hey if it worked once, I could do it again,”–this time because I want to actually use the card on a layout, not out of the necessity of following directions.

Sometimes I just don’t want to clutter up my page with words.  Other times, the journaling is of a more personal nature and I’d rather the casual looker not read it if they don’t know to look for it.  Sometimes I just don’t have anything to say that I feel would add to the sentiment on the page.  This page shows Kyle’s graduation from his 3-year-old preschool class.  The day-care he went to was run by some wonderful ladies, who took the time to host a graduation party at their church for the kids, and I was delighted to go see my baby “graduate” with his class.

I followed the sketch loosely, using my photo instead of a drawing or sticker and adding the tab on the side that says “LIFT”  I also put pop-up double sided tape on the inside of the card to add dimension and ensure that the reader knew that it was a card with extra hidden journaling inside.  I don’t cut the plastic sheet protector so that you can lift it while in the album.  Not enough people read my albums to go to that trouble.  I know many people who do line it up and cut a flap in the plastic, though.  I just prefer not to.

Here is the layout I made based on the card I made based on this sketch:

Card within a layout



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