Sometimes you just have to use the whole bling.

Gram and Pap Muthler

Greetings, it’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood!

The layout I want to share with you today is one that means a lot to me.  It’s a photo of my grandparents in the 1940s and it’s one of the only ones I have.  I have always wanted to scrap more vintage/historic-looking layouts, but I seem to have a hard time diving into that style.  I keep collecting papers in the hopes that one day a switch will turn on, and I’ll suddenly be a master.  For my first attempt, I’m pleased with this one, even though it blends a teeny bit of other styles in with the vintage damask paper I used for the background.  I also have to say that it is the first time I ever used a WHOLE bling spray in its entirety on a page.  I suppose just this once, I can get over my penchant for thrift and go all the way with the bling.  I would like to create some journaling on this page, but I need some more information about the photo, if I can get it, and I also can’t decide if I want to journal right on the page with a tag or something, or if I want to tuck it behind the photo.  I am sure the solution will come to me, but for now, I will just enjoy the page as it is.


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