Just a cute page

Good morning, sunshines!  I just wanted to share with you a cute page I came up with last weekend while out scrapping with my lady friends.  This photo was taken Christmas Day, 2009.  In June of that year, we were all cleaning out classrooms and somebody near my room had put a tepee out in the hallway to be picked up by the custodians.  A TEPEE IN THE TRASH?!!?  Unheard of!  I saw that thing, and after asking if anyone else needed it for their room, I trash-picked that baby right up and said, “I’m going to give this to my boys for Christmas!  Who wouldn’t want a tepee?”

So I put it away and saved it for Christmas, and on Christmas morning, they had so much to open that they got bored and went off to play.  We didn’t get around to the tepee, well, because I forgot to go downstairs and get it.  So after things had calmed down, I remembered I had gotten it for them and went and set it up in the living room, and as soon as they saw it, it was a hit!  We all climbed in the tepee, and a Christmas card was born!  I hope to get a new photo every year of us in the tepee on Christmas Day, at least until we are too big to get in any more.

This layout was inspired by a challenge to use eyelets or grommets in an unusual way.  I dug through a thousand sheets of paper because I knew I had this piece of fabric-looking paper in there somewhere.  I glued it together so that there would be pattern when I opened the flaps of the tepee, and used eyelets to tack it down, as well as for some decoration.  Some Indian corn paper and some stitching from my favorite Paper Pizzazz easy stitch template, and VOILA!


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