…or you can go completely digital and see how you like it.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the past month learning how to scrap digitally. I found a lovely group of digital scrappers at digitalscrapbookplace.com and it feels like a great fit for me and my scrapping goals at the present. In this first month, I’ve taken part in a contest they hold every 6 months or so called NKOTB and in it, you scrap one layout per round for three rounds, each lasting a week. At the end of the week, after having read and taken advice from their seasoned digital scrappers, you select your best version of your page and submit it as your final for each round. Now that the three rounds are done, they are having a judging (optional for the contestants) and I’ve chosen a layout to submit for judging.

It’s been such a great learning experience that even if there were no judging, it would be more than worth the time and effort put into this contest. I went in knowing next to nothing in PSE (Photoshop Elements, my scrapping software of choice) and came out knowing a lot more than next to nothing–still not nearly all there is to know, but these things take time. I feel like I almost have the hang of working with layers, or at least I remember now that when it isn’t doing what I want it to do, I should check if I’m on the right layer first before crying. More importantly, besides the invaluable amount of knowledge I’ve gained already, I’ve met another community of great people who do exactly what it is I want to do. They really know their stuff, some are designers and some are just excellent scrappers, but they all have so many tricks of the trade to offer new people. I can’t say enough how glad I am to have come across their site.

So, the contest. I made the following three layouts, using products they gave us to use from their store/designers. The first was the one that I spent the most time tweaking (after all, I didn’t even know how to pull the photos onto the project from the bar at the bottom–total noob here) and I made approximately 40 versions of this layout before settling on this one:

This page was created using the Abstruse Aquamarine Page Kit by Teresa Loman, and GE Twill Script font, as well as Word Art by Marcee Duggar, also of DSP! I learned a LOT creating this page, through constructive criticism by the members of the group.

The second page I made was much easier. Somehow, I just had all the right things to make this work, and I hardly had to revise it at all, maybe twice. This page was made with Flourishing Romance Page Kit by Meryl Bartho, and an overlay template, Sweetest Memories by Kim Liddiard. I chose this layout to be the one in the judging, although the choice was very difficult, because I love all three of these layouts.

And the final round was made using My Heart Belongs Page Kit by Lauren Bavin and a few elements from Meryl Bartho’s Flourishing Romance (from the previous round) Page Kit. I also scraplifted the general shape of a layout by another of the members of DSP for this round of the contest. I loved working with these colors, and spent a few hours creating a torn edge that I never did wind up using on this page, but don’t worry, I saved it for later! Here is Apple Picking:

All in all, I have enjoyed greatly digital scrapping, and I’m glad to see that PSE hasn’t been as tough as I thought it was going to be to learn. I did lose my paper mojo for a week or so, but I am happy to say that I’ll never give up my tactile tradition either. I may need to focus on the digital, since I want to use it to generate income someday soon, but my paper is still sitting here, staring me in the face. I hope you enjoy these layouts, and ones to come as well. I know I enjoyed creating them!


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