It’s been awhile…

Greetings, everybody. I guess it has been too long since I last posted, and since then, so many things have changed. I am heartbroken today, because my dog Symphony passed away today (on her 12th birthday) after being hit by a car last week sometime. I could just cry forever. Symphony has been living with my Dad and his wife and my brother, Allan for 6 years ever since 2006 when I moved to a place where I couldn’t have a dog. I was in an apartment until just last year, and although I could have kept her in my house, I would never have taken her away from her new home. I am so lucky because she went to a place where I knew she would be loved and have plenty of doggie companions to keep her company. All this and I still got to see her every time I went home for a visit. But before that, she was MY dog and I got her when she was just an 8-week-old puppy. I’ve had so many stories over the years about Symphony, and I hope you’ll bear with me while I share some. I’ll miss her smiling dog-face.

Symphony was only a year or so old when we took one trip to visit my parents for a summer holiday. I was coming home to NJ on the turnpike, and had just reached the exit for Mount Holly when traffic came to a dead stop. I spent 45 minutes on the ramp and had no air-conditioner, so I had the window open. We were within sight of the toll booth, when Symphony jumped over my lap, dove out the window and started running around in the road and the grass next to the ramp. Fortunately, the cars were not yet moving. I immediately got out of my car and tried to call her to come over, but every time she would get close, I would take a step toward her, and she would spring away from me and run around. She wanted to play. I was almost at my wit’s end, when some nice men got out of their truck and helped me get her back in the car. I was near tears thinking I could have lost her forever, but thanks to those men, she was safe and sound, and we went the rest of the way with the windows just cracked.

My sister Andi just told me tonight that she took Symphony home with her one weekend, and she stopped at the Pilot off the northeast extension and bought Symphony a “side of lunchmeat”. I bet it was the best treat ever, because at home, per Buddy, she was only allowed to have Iams, and Denta-bones. I’m sure she was in 7th heaven with that ham, LOL.

Another time, Gram was walking with her on the leash, because Symphony was Gram’s buddy. Somehow, Symphony knocked Gram flat on the sidewalk, but Gram still insisted that she wanted Symphony to stay there with her. She was pretty good company for sure.

Ha ha, way back when we lived on Tennessee Trail in NJ, we had this crazy, drunk neighbor Jeff, who always came over to invite us to hang out and drink beer or hit on Andi in his drunken stupor. He was the only person Symphony ever bit, and I am sure he deserved it…

Symphony loved to swim in the Rancocas Creek and chase tennis balls in the water. She had a friend, Thor, who was one or our black cats, as well as many dog-friends at Dad’s house. She tortured poor Shadow right up until his last days and her yellow lab coat stuck out like a sore thumb amongst Dad’s big black Newfoundlands. Who ever would have thought that a 75 lb lab would be the SMALLEST of the dogs?!

Anyway, I am sure I’ll think of more stories, but it’s been good to reminisce a little because otherwise all I have done is cry all night. Thanks for letting me share.


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