This is a fun layout I did with photos of Andrew’s birthday cake. He and Kyle have been all into Minecraft, which is a computer game in which you can gather various types of blocks and use them to build a world, all while surviving nighttime zombie and skeleton archer attacks, avoiding the Enderman and steering clear of Creepers. A creeper looks like, well, this cake. If you get too close, you will hear a fuse burning and you have a very limited amount of time to get away before the creeper blows up, taking you and whatever blocks are around it out in a large explosion. I decided to make my first attempt at a cake that was taller than a 13″x9″ pan, and had a blast making this Creeper Cake, although I did not make enough buttercream, and would have liked it to have been a little better frosted. Andrew was very pleased with this cake for his 10th birthday, as were the whole family and my entire workplace, who got to finish it off.

Kit used is Lauren Bavin’s Spring Sunshine Page Kit found in the store.


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  1. Hi Marci! I’m doing well, how about yourself? I did scrap a few paper pages 2 weeks ago when we had our church crop, but this one is all digital! Can you believe it? Say hi to everybody for me. I have to post some photos up here, because I went to Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum and took pictures for Barb. If she hasn’t already gone there, she should! Hope everybody in the Scrappy Patch is great, I haven’t been popping in like I should, and I miss you ladies!

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