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I like routine, and my excuse for not running is that I can’t make it a part of my “routine”. Monday-Wednesday I work 7-6 and as soon as I get home, it’s dinner, homework, baths bed, CHAT. After chat, I try to scrap, and after scrapping, it’s time for sleepy-poo. Since I don’t do it on M-W, I don’t get around to it on Th, F, S, or Su either, and I need to really push myself to get back on it. I loved running. Well, I hated running. But running is one of those things that you hate while you’re doing it, and then you love that you did it. Or at least that’s how I feel about it. I’m really going to try. I want to schedule a 5k and then the 10 miler in May that I already have a spot for in Philly, and by next September I’d love to be ready to do the Philly Rock N Roll Half marathon. But I have to start. I also really need to figure out how to run FASTER, because at my pace, I take around 2.5 hours to finish the Broad Street 10 miler, and that means about 3.? hours to run a half. I just don’t have the time to train for something that will take that long. Couch to 5k I am going to start all over, trying to improve my time. I will be wheezing, stopping, coughing, slobbering all along the road from the get-go. My fat rolls will be bouncing and I’ll be sweating like a pig. But if you see me, don’t stop to offer me a ride, just yell out the window, “YOU CAN DO IT!” and I’ll keep going (and if you’re going to laugh, laugh out the window so I can keep running to try and catch you so I can kick your ass). I SO miss my running friends who kept me honest. They were so patient with slow, fat me, and they kept me motivated.

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I LOVED making this layout with Nicole Young’s Be Who You Are Page Kit. We had a challenge over at to use a silhouette on our layout, and we could use it however we wanted. I didn’t have any so I had Kyle pose, and took a couple of photos, and then I extracted it with the paths tool (I can always use more practice with that–I’m terrible with the paths tool) and used it as my photo for this one. The journaling reads, “Kyle is one amazing kid. Sometimes I like to watch him just to marvel at the way his brain works. He is my little problem-solver extraordinaire.”