Found Treasure!

So, for my job a couple of months back, I had to make a quick delivery to a promotional products business in Frederick, MD, which is about an hour away from here. I was on my way down there and I called my dad (I like to catch up on my phone calls when I drive long distances), and he suggested I stop by the Frederick Memorial Hospital where his mother went to nursing school and see if they had any class photos up on the walls. I told him I might make a stop, and drove past the hospital on my way to the store. On my way back, I decided a pit stop was necessary, and remembering that there was NOT ONE fast food restaurant on the road from my place to Frederick, I decided to stop in the hospital to use the bathroom.

The ladies at the front desk directed me to the bathroom all the way in the back of the hospital, as the front ones were being remodeled, and so I walked along the main hallway for quite some time. I caught a quick glimpse of a plaque commemorating all the nursing school graduates, and a timeline of the hospital’s history on my way back, but being in a hurry, I decided to stop and peruse on my way back to the front desk, where I planned to ask the ladies about any class photos that may be around the building.

I didn’t see any more pictures on the walls there, so I stopped to look at the timeline for a few minutes, and as I read along, I came to the 1940 marker, and lo and behold, there was an amazing photo of one single nurse working. When I looked at it, I got tears in my eyes, because it HAS to be Gram. She was about 19 in the photo, and since she graduated in 1942, it stands to reason that she would have been photographed during that time period. Through blurry eyes, I snapped a couple of shots of the wall of the hospital and headed over to take pictures of the wall plaque too. Then I stopped at the desk on my way out and asked if they knew of any other photos I might be able to look at. They did not know of any, but they allowed me to call to the HR department (which yielded no results). It didn’t matter because I knew that I had found the best photo of all already. So I headed home at that time.

That evening, I got on the website of the hospital and found a section to email the staff, and I wrote an email asking if they had the original photos and whether there was any more information they might have. I got the nicest email back from a woman who said she would look into it for me, and the very next day, she sent me a digital copy of the original photo that they had on file as well as two other photos of people I did not know. It was very touching that she took the time to help me out, and I wrote to thank her, because it means the world to me to have this picture of Gram.

Gram-on-Frederick-Hospital-Wall Created using Lauren Bavin’s Edwardian Blossom Page Kit, and her Relationship Titles word art


2 thoughts on “Found Treasure!

  1. Hi Heather…Happy New Yeawr!>..Hope things are going well foryou!>..This LO of Gram is magnificent!—liked reading the story!…tfs

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