Treasure Hunter

Treasure-Map Layout created using Lauren Bavin’s Pirate King page kit

I’m feeling a bit under the weather today, but I’ve missed a couple of days’ worth of posts, so I want to get right back on it. This layout is an example of when something is just meant to be. Because the boys have been so into Minecraft and various other computer games this year, I decided a number of months ago that I wanted to build Andrew a new computer for Christmas. I shopped for all the parts online and had them delivered a couple of weeks before Christmas and then I spent a day putting it together. As an aside, I did not meet my goal of having it boot up on the first try, but the only thing I missed was a connector for the power switch (I had only plugged the power LED in–duh) and it started up as soon as I plugged that in. So anyhow, I put it all together, installed his Windows, installed Minecraft and a few other games, and hardest of all–put it BACK in the box the case came in and had to WAIT 2 weeks for Christmas to come.

Knowing that Andrew wouldn’t have as many gifts to open as Kyle (because his mostly came in one box), I wanted to do something a little more fun for the opening hour. I decided to wrap the component boxes and send Andrew on a treasure hunt for the parts, and at the end, he would find his computer. Josh and I came up with a plan for him to set the whole thing up at Andrew’s desk before we got started unwrapping gifts. I searched my favorite digital scrapping site ( for a pirate kit and came up with Lauren’s kit, Pirate King, which had a map all ready for me. I didn’t have to even change a thing, the map just worked out perfectly for the trail we had to follow. I wrote the clues to go along with the various stopping points along the way and Xmas morning, I had Josh put the gifts in various places (in the fridge, on top of the garbage can, on the back of the toilet). We all followed the clues together when the unwrapping was done, and finally got to the X on the map. When Andrew saw his computer, his voice broke up and he was so amazed that we had done that for him that he almost came to tears. It was all really an incredible time. I love it when a good plan comes together, and he is right now in there enjoying his gift. It makes me happy to see him so happy.


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