I’ve been GIMP lately.

I’ve been trying out GIMP on my breaks at work for the past couple of weeks and I am learning a few things (albeit VERY slowly) and creating some really cute pieces toward my next digital scrapbooking kit. It has been difficult to get started because I really have not had the time to delve too deeply into studying how to do things (in between answering phones and crawling around on the floor in pain from my *bleep*ing kidney stone). Also, having become so familiar with Photoshop in the past year, I am finding it hard to switch between the two. Still, it is very interesting and I am finding GIMP to be amazing and different in many ways. Plus, GIMP is free. I hope to learn enough on GIMP to be able to teach a laptop scrapbooking class at one of my paper scrapping crops later in the year. However, until my surgery (Monday) to break up this *bleep*ing kidney stone, I doubt I will be on there very much playing with it, and I most likely won’t have the energy to work on the next scrapbooking crop (on March 23!) until then either. I have to take some time off work next week while my stone passes, so I plan to do up my flyer at that time, using the new Lovey Dovey kit that I’ve been creating. I’m really loving the papers I have created so far, and a really cute heart element. I’ll post it on here when it is all done. I’m not really sure how to make my things available for download yet, but one day, I’ll be internet-savvy and give all of my adoring fans *cough–all 3 of you* a digital present for coming by to see how I’m doing from time to time. Anyway, I had better get back to what I was doing–don’t tell work! 🙂


One thought on “I’ve been GIMP lately.

  1. I hope you recover quickly from that darn thing. Gosh. I could give you some tips on how to make things available for download to your 3 fans!!! LOL. Talk to ya later

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