The Path to Greatness

I am many things–Mom, musician, teacher, gamer, crafter, baker.  I have been thinking seriously about turning my crafting into a business for years.  It was going nowhere, of course until recently, when I finally decided to relocate and pursue true love!  After a few years of driving 3+ hours just to go on a date, I have figured out that some things in life are more important than a pension.  I have decided to give up the teaching job I had kept for nine years and move closer to the love of my life and my family.

I find that the only downside to moving to a new area is, well, the fact that there is no job waiting for you when you get there.  Being a teacher, I can find work as a substitute, and supplement as a musician on the side.  Weddings and funerals happen all the time, right?  I can always work retail or something entry-level.  I have lots of great experience and references.  However, it has been in the back of my mind for a while to start a business and work from home.  So the ideas for personalized scrapbooks started flowing.  I can do other people’s scrapbooks for them when they don’t feel they have the time, resources or let’s face it, the creativity–and I can do it all on the computer from the comfort of home!  I love traditional pen and paper scrapbooking, but something about digital pages lends itself to this type of online adventure.

Working with web hosts and domains and search engines is all very foreign to me, but with a little luck, and some helpful advice from Josh and a few close friends, I will be just fine.  So bear with me as I begin to offer you all “A Dose of Heathery Goodness!”

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