I just love this cute little layout, so I thought I’d post it up here today. The graphics are a part of Nicole Young’s Fabrication Page Kit.

I’ve been away from the boys for the majority of about 4 days, and today I came home from work to find that they have grown right up while I was gone. Kyle is learning to ride his big kid bike, and Andrew is excited to tell me about his trip over to visit the middle school. Where has half my life gone?! I am too young to have boys this grown up! I don’t have much more to say besides that. I am happy that spring has brought us longer daylight hours, because it means they can actually go outside and play, and once in a while, I can go out too. Not much else to say tonight, so nanu nanu. 🙂

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Muppet Party!


A month ago (HOLY COW–where did April go?!) I had a party for Kyle’s 7th birthday. It was Muppet-themed and I scoured the internet (ok, Pinterest) for cute ideas to go with our Muppet theme. I found a ton of cool things from and the directions for making this wonderful Kermit pinata from Alicia Policia‘s blog. I followed the directions mostly to the letter, except I made the sides and back flatter than she did on hers. It took me about 25 hours to do this from start to finish, but I love, love, LOVE how it came out, and it can be used again and again! Here is a page I scrapped one evening for my favorite one-hour Speed Scrap at DSP. I just adore these photos, and the party really was spectacular (even if only one kid from Kyle’s class came–he was perfect guest and there were lots of family there to party it up and appreciate my efforts).

I’ve been GIMP lately.

I’ve been trying out GIMP on my breaks at work for the past couple of weeks and I am learning a few things (albeit VERY slowly) and creating some really cute pieces toward my next digital scrapbooking kit. It has been difficult to get started because I really have not had the time to delve too deeply into studying how to do things (in between answering phones and crawling around on the floor in pain from my *bleep*ing kidney stone). Also, having become so familiar with Photoshop in the past year, I am finding it hard to switch between the two. Still, it is very interesting and I am finding GIMP to be amazing and different in many ways. Plus, GIMP is free. I hope to learn enough on GIMP to be able to teach a laptop scrapbooking class at one of my paper scrapping crops later in the year. However, until my surgery (Monday) to break up this *bleep*ing kidney stone, I doubt I will be on there very much playing with it, and I most likely won’t have the energy to work on the next scrapbooking crop (on March 23!) until then either. I have to take some time off work next week while my stone passes, so I plan to do up my flyer at that time, using the new Lovey Dovey kit that I’ve been creating. I’m really loving the papers I have created so far, and a really cute heart element. I’ll post it on here when it is all done. I’m not really sure how to make my things available for download yet, but one day, I’ll be internet-savvy and give all of my adoring fans *cough–all 3 of you* a digital present for coming by to see how I’m doing from time to time. Anyway, I had better get back to what I was doing–don’t tell work! 🙂

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Treasure Hunter

Treasure-Map Layout created using Lauren Bavin’s Pirate King page kit

I’m feeling a bit under the weather today, but I’ve missed a couple of days’ worth of posts, so I want to get right back on it. This layout is an example of when something is just meant to be. Because the boys have been so into Minecraft and various other computer games this year, I decided a number of months ago that I wanted to build Andrew a new computer for Christmas. I shopped for all the parts online and had them delivered a couple of weeks before Christmas and then I spent a day putting it together. As an aside, I did not meet my goal of having it boot up on the first try, but the only thing I missed was a connector for the power switch (I had only plugged the power LED in–duh) and it started up as soon as I plugged that in. So anyhow, I put it all together, installed his Windows, installed Minecraft and a few other games, and hardest of all–put it BACK in the box the case came in and had to WAIT 2 weeks for Christmas to come.

Knowing that Andrew wouldn’t have as many gifts to open as Kyle (because his mostly came in one box), I wanted to do something a little more fun for the opening hour. I decided to wrap the component boxes and send Andrew on a treasure hunt for the parts, and at the end, he would find his computer. Josh and I came up with a plan for him to set the whole thing up at Andrew’s desk before we got started unwrapping gifts. I searched my favorite digital scrapping site ( for a pirate kit and came up with Lauren’s kit, Pirate King, which had a map all ready for me. I didn’t have to even change a thing, the map just worked out perfectly for the trail we had to follow. I wrote the clues to go along with the various stopping points along the way and Xmas morning, I had Josh put the gifts in various places (in the fridge, on top of the garbage can, on the back of the toilet). We all followed the clues together when the unwrapping was done, and finally got to the X on the map. When Andrew saw his computer, his voice broke up and he was so amazed that we had done that for him that he almost came to tears. It was all really an incredible time. I love it when a good plan comes together, and he is right now in there enjoying his gift. It makes me happy to see him so happy.

Little Map Man

Map Layout created using Lauren Bavin’s Citrus Sunshine Page Kit

Here’s another one of my guy, Kyle. He is so much like his mommy here, in that he loves to check out the map, wherever we go. While the rest of us watch the opening festivities to the joust at the PA Renaissance Faire, he is busy perusing the map to see where we should go next. Gotta love the genius in action!

Two Front Teeth

Two-Front-Teeth Layout created using the Happy Holly Days Mega Kit from the DSP Designers

I just love these photos. It’s hard to get Kyle to pose for the camera, and you can only barely see that his bottom two teeth are missing in these photos, but I know they are, and I think he has just the sweetest little face. I can’t believe how fast my babies are growing up. I know we all say it, and every mom goes through this at some time, but it’s so hard to let go of the little babies and let them grow up into big kids, and eventually young men. Sigh. Enjoy your kids every step of the way. They may test your patience, but these precious moments only come one time for each child (if that) and they should be treasured and celebrated!

My Dreamers

Tender-Moment Page created using Nicole Young’s Little Moon Dreamer Page Kit

I am too tired to write much tonight, so I’ve picked out a layout that I don’t have a lot to say about, but I just love! Aren’t these two just amazing?!